As you have found yourself here, it is clear that you are running a social media page, most likely on Facebook. In order to notify Facebook that you are a news publisher, it is important to register your page. Any Facebook Page that primarily creates journalism should be registered as a news Page on Facebook. This is done through the news Page index.

Once you are registered, is it possible that you may be eligible for products and services specifically designed for news publishers. Other benefits will evolve over time and registering news Pages allows Facebook to understand the full breadth and needs of the news ecosystem on Facebook.

Keep an eye on the Facebook rules and regulations, as they reserve the right to modify, suspend, terminate access to or discontinue the availability of this process at any time. To ensure the best experiences for people and publishers, Facebook may modify these guidelines as necessary, and may make exceptions based on additional considerations. 

Inclusion in the news Page index is based on these guidelines and does not constitute an endorsement by Facebook of the views espoused by included Pages.