Every page’s central goal should be to grow engagement and their audience, whilst maintaining top quality content and keeping your followers happy. However, increasing both engagement and followers is no easy task as there are many hoops that you have to jump through in order for your page to start being recognised, both by Facebook’s algorithms and your followers.

What is important to remember is that Facebook’s algorithms are extremely clever and they are the reason why some posts do well and some fail. Facebook has suggested that every page has its own form of rating; the better the page rating, the more the algorithm will favour the content which is posted into it. So it’s very important that you adhere to Facebook’s rules, to ensure that your content is distributed to as many people as possible.

To help improve your page rating, here are some tips and tricks:

1. No engagement-bating!

Though it might work short-term, in the long term is will affect the page quality and people’s sentiment about the page. An example of engagement bating would be a post which tells the audience to comment for a certain reason, for example:
’Comment with a ❤️ if you prefer tea or comment with a 🙂 if you prefer coffee’.

2. Make sure you’re posting video content

The algorithm will favour video content, so try to post as much of it as you can! What’s more, Facebook is actively promoting videos which are longer than 3 minutes, so if you can post some good quality longer content then it will work in your favour. As well as this, make sure your video content is high quality, well-filmed and edited to improve the user experience of your followers.

3. Think about a social media series

As you know, Facebook favours video content and producing and by posting regular, structured content your page rating will start to improve. It is a good idea to think about creating episodic content which is posted the same time each week. This is because by creating episodic content, you are improving your follower retention rate (the amount of individuals who return to your page on a regular basis). The aim is to get your page’s retention rate to over 30%. If you do create a social media series, you should consider organising your videos into playlists, but doing this you help the algorithm to categorise your content. 

4. Use Facebook Live

The Facebook algorithms will favour weekly, regular livestream content so try to incorporate this into your content strategy. The reason for conducting a Facebook Live is to increase engagement for your page. Facebook Live is the most sociable and genuine way to communicate key messages with your following. This is because it is in real-time; it is un-polished and uncut. It allowed pages to engage with their followers in a personal way and works as a window into the real life of your page, beyond polished the exteriors.

5. Use hashtags

#Hashtags help the algorithm to categorise your content and recommend it to others. Every Facebook post should have 3 hashtags, 1 for your brand eg #bhamupdates and 2 about the content/post.

6. Talk to your fans

Posting content on Facebook should not be a monologue, it has to be a dialogue. By replying to fans we let them know how important they are to you and that will build loyalty and trust. By replying and liking people’s comments which you think were particularly funny, special or worth interacting with, you are showing your followers that you value them. Another reason for commenting on your posts is that everyone else who commented on that post will get a notification about it and look at it again! 

7. Do not duplicate posts! 

Facebook does not like posts which have been duplicated or deleted and reposted.

8. Always pin a post at the top of your feed

Doing this will improve your page rating. Try to always have a post pinned at the top of your page and change it regularly. This will improve your follower retention rate.